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Welcome to KinderNoggin!

KinderNoggin is a new and innovative educational program for preschool children, toddler to school age.  The concept is based on being family focused and academically rich, creating a learning environment like no other. One in which every child receives individualized love and attention coupled with a superior education. KinderNoggin offers families a unique alternative to traditional childcare.

KinderNoggin prepares “LITTLE MINDS” for a Big Future!

Come and get to know our amazing school!

About KinderNoggin

Our school provides a safe, welcoming environment . Our warm and nurturing staff pays close attention to all aspects of your child’s development.

Toddlers (1-2 Year olds)

Our Toddlers teachers use developmental indicators to organize each day’s activities in order to provide our children with a variety of experiences that allow them to explore their curiosity, take initiative, and develop problem-solving skills and creativity.

Preschool (3-4 Year olds)

Our teachers guide and extend Preschooler’s thinking through developmentally appropriate contents, purposeful play, and enriched activities, in a safe and nurturing environment, where each child’s strengths, interests, and cultural background are considered.

We offer a unique alternative to traditional childcare

KinderNoggin is an innovative educational program for preschool children, ages 1 to 5. The concept is based on the premise of merging the best features of a home school and a traditionally structured school to create a learning environment like no other!

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