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Our Story:

The KinderNoggin concept was born from a need that began in 2003…the need of parents to find the best childcare options available for their child. Upon the birth of our first child, my husband and I searched tirelessly to find the best quality childcare available.   Needless to say, we became increasingly frustrated with our options. The dilemma for us was whether or not an in-home setting or large daycare setting was best. In searching for the best of both worlds, we found that there weren’t programs in our area that offered the level of care and education we wanted in a home-like setting. Being a former 4th grade teacher, I knew first-hand the importance of quality early childhood education and I wanted to give my sons the best education possible…starting from infancy. After moving our children to multiple centers (our oldest 5 times by age 3 and our youngest 4 times by age 1 ½) I thought, “I’m sure that I am not the only mom having difficulty finding quality care.” Therefore, I decided to create what I was so desperately seeking for my children. In 2009, I resigned from my company to pursue my dream of opening a small preschool.

During time, I was blessed to meet Wanda Collins, the owner of Little Princess Childcare, a home school program. I enrolled my youngest son into her program and was simply amazed by the level of care, education and love she provided “her children!” My son would literally run to the door in the mornings to get his hug from Ms. Wanda! As a parent that was absolutely priceless! While sharing with her my frustrations in finding a program for my child and how grateful I was to have found her, I began describing my dream of opening a small preschool. A program structured like her home school program, just on a slightly larger scale. She shared her desire to expand her program and the rest is history! We decided to create a partnership with the mission of offering an alternative to traditional childcare that is academically focused in a home-like setting.

Two years in the making, Wanda and I worked diligently on the business plan searching for our first location. It was well worth the wait! Our program is scheduled to open August 2011 in High Point, NC and we are excited about raising the bar of mediocrity in early childhood education.

We’d love the opportunity to have your family as a part of our KinderNoggin family!


To offer a unique alternative to traditional childcare in which children experience family-style care in an educationally rich environment.  The program supports each child’s intellectual curiosity while meeting their fundamental need to feel safe, secure and most importantly loved.  With a focus on the whole child, the program requires a commitment from and partnership between parents and teachers to create a haven in which children can grow to their full potential emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually.



Many parents are dissatisfied with the concept of children learning through their play with unseen results or measurable benefits. Most parents feel that their children are just playing all day in an unstructured environment at substandard programs. Additionally, parents feel that teachers are merely babysitting children instead of challenging, stimulating and inspiring thought-provoking qualities and character.

KinderNoggin’s philosophy of early childhood education is that children learn through active, hands-on, guided and purposeful play and interaction with developmentally appropriate materials, teachers and families in an environment that promotes creative expression, exceptional learning experiences and a positive self-image.

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