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What Makes Us Different?

Traditional Childcare
Typically no standard curriculum Academic curriculum based on combining home-school techniques and state approved curriculums for early childhood education
No developmental tracking tool Developmental tracking and assessments using the KinderNoggin Developmental domain areas: cognitive, language, social & emotional, physical, math and science
No technology inclusion in classrooms Children use iPads, under teacher facilitation, to complement their instruction
Daycare/Babysitter setting A unique family-centered atmosphere that allows for a more nurturing environment with structured educational components.
"Total child development" learning program – focusing on intellectual, emotional and social growth
Minimal structure with little or no true educational focus Each day filled with a variety of well planned activities that feed into every child’s natural curiosity
Teachers view their position as a "job" Teaching culture centered on the passion for education and the love of children. The teachers demonstrating a commitment to teaching as a career
Varied teacher educational requirements – minimum credential requirements Lead teachers with minimum Associates degree in Early Childhood Education
Teacher not fully engaged Teachers fully engaged with a strong commitment to ensuring that every child in his/her care grows to their full potential
No parent-teacher conferences Semi-annual parent-teacher conferences to discuss individual milestones and accomplishments
Children wander around all day with little guidance and direction Children engrossed in a learning environment that allows for a full day of stimulation with appropriate periods of rest
Typical overuse or misuse of time-out for discipline Conscious Discipline Techniques www.consciousdiscipline.com
Parent involvement not encouraged Parent involvement embraced, encouraged and is an essential factor in our program


5 Star Preschool High Point NC Childcare

5 Star Preschool High Point NC Childcare

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What does Superior Care look like?

Imagine this ...
Children and parents greeted and welcomed by professional teachers who are excited about their arrival.
Children feeling safe and secure are waving “bye-bye” to parents as they run off to play with their friends.
Classrooms decorated like home with cozy areas for reading and child sized furnishings. Lots of toys, books, dress up clothes, games, puzzles, blocks, art supplies…all the wonderful things children love.
Children skipping to their spot on the carpet excited to listen to a story, sing a song, learn a new math concept or maybe participate in a puppet show.
Children sitting together enjoying lunch “family-style.”
Teachers passionate about their profession sitting on the floor engaging children in stimulating conversations or dancing to playful music.
Children excited to see their parents to share the adventures of the day, however, not wanting to leave because they will miss their teacher and friends.